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Davey Water Pump System - BIT20-30 with the Torrium 2 Controller

The Davey BIT20-30 water pump pressure system consists of a robust centrifugal pump fitted with the intelligent Davey Torrium2 water pressure controller to deliver boosted water pressure to your home or other application. Consumers can enjoy strong and seemingly constant water pressure due to Torrium2’s constant flow operation. Due to large water pathways, Torrium2 operates with a lower head loss than comparable water pressure controllers to provide superior hydraulic performance with less wasted energy.


  • Pressure Boosting
  • Torrium2 boosts low or fluctuating mains water pressure to give you strong, even water pressure for your comfort and convenience.
  • Torrium2 can also pressure boost water from rainwater tanks.


To prevent annoying fluctuations in water temperature during showers, Torrium2 uses its intelligence to provide households with constant flow to provide even water pressure. It does this with its innovative pressure and flow sensors to start the pump on a pressure drop and to stop it on low flow (~0.26 gpm). This avoids pump cycling when there is continuing household demand for water.


To give you strong pressure right from the start, Torrium2 is designed to cut in quickly when it senses demand for water. It cuts in when the pressure has dropped to 80% of the previous top (shut-off) pressure. Torrium2 automatically sets this cut-in pressure each time the pump stops. In doing so, Torrium2 automatically adapts to variations in pump performance or site conditions.

The Davey BIT20-30 Applications:

Ideal for pumping clean, clear water in such applications as:

  • Homes where the incoming water supply is not pressurized
  • From underground or surface water supplies
  • Automatic water transfer
  • Applications where the pump may have an interrupted water supply
  • Domestic and light industrial irrigation
  • Robust and compact, 3 stage impeller, centrifugal pump with the Torrium 2 water pump controller that provides constant flow control and loss of prime device for automatic water pressure. Designed for medium to large size, single and multi-story homes.
  • Designed for use in larger homes or homes with long runs of plumbing where the incoming municipal water supply pressure is inadequate.
  • Boosting pressure from tank to house water supplies.
  • Domestic and light industrial irrigation.
  • Automatic water transfer.
  • Applications where pressure "cycling" must be avoided or where the pump may have interrupted water supply.
  • 110 Volts, 60HZ, Single Phase, Davey BIT20-30 Water Pump System.

The Davey BIT20-30 is a High efficiency - 3 stage impeller water pump system that produces:

  • More pressure for showers, toilets, appliances, washers, and other faucets.
  • Choice of performance options to suit most homes.
  • Quieter household environment. Extremely Quiet: 54 - 56 dBA
  • Improved waterway clearances to reduce impeller blockages.
  • Impellers have dual shaft flats for positive drive and long life, especially important for household pressure systems where pumps are required to stop and start many times.
  • Patented floating impeller neck rings help improve efficiency and reduce hydraulic noise providing better performance with less noise.

  • We are Davey certified experts in customer service and support regarding Davey Water Pump Systems throughout the U.S.A.
  • If you have any questions, we are here to help specify the correct Davey Water Pump System for your home or business.
  • We offer the guaranteed lowest advertised price.

Please refer to the Manuals & Diagrams for all features and full technical specifications.

The Davey BIT20-30 includes the Torrium 2 Controller.
The BIT20-30 is a 110 Volts Davey Water Pump System.

Davey Water Pump System BIT20-30 Specifications:

Operation The Torrium 2 control starts the pump as soon as you switch on the tap and continues running until water is not required. The controller continuously monitors the flow of water and will switch it off to avoid damage if the supply becomes inadequate. The systems are compact, quiet and easy to install.
Applications Homes where incoming water supply is not pressurized. From underground or surface water supplies. Automatic water transfer. Domestic and light industrial irrigation.
Type of Pump Multiple stages (3 impellers), self-priming centrifugal davey water pump system
Capacities to 45 GPM
Max Total Head To 76 PSI
Pump Construction 304 Stainless steel and corrosion-resistant materials
Cut-in Pressure Adapts to 80% of last shut-off head pressure
Max System Pressure 100 PSI
Max Suction Lift Capable of up to 25 feet (Great for cistern use) | BIT14-45 | BIT20-30 | BIT20-40 | BIT30-30
Max Inlet Pressure 20 PSI (Must install a pressure reducing valve on the suction side of the pump if the inlet pressure is more than 20 PSI)
Min Setting 15 PSI
Max Setting 80 PSI
Max Water Temperature 150 degrees Fahrenheit
Ambient Temperature 120 degrees Fahrenheit
Inlet Size (dependent upon pump model) 1" Female or 1 1/4" Female
Outlet Size 1" Male

Davey BIT Water Pump Systems Electrical Specifications:

Model BIT13-30 BIT14-45 BIT20-30 BIT20-40 BIT30-30
Supply Voltage/Phase 110 Volts - Single Phase 220 Volts - Single Phase
Supply Frequency 60Hz
Input Power (P1) KW 0.92 0.86 0.98 1.10 1.44
Output Power (P2) KW 0.73 0.68 0.78 0.92 1.12
Full Load Current Amps 7.80 7.30 8.20 4.70 7.00
Locked Rotor Amps 38.00 38.00 38.00 23.00 23.70
Starting PSC
Insulation Class ClassF
IP Rating IP55

Top 10 Reasons to Buy a Davey BIT Water Pump System

  1. Davey BIT Water Pump Systems are Easy to Install, and discharges out Top, Side, or Both. Rotating 360 Degrees.
  2. Davey BIT Water Pump Systems come with a stainless steel hose for an easy connection.
  3. Davey BIT Water Pump Systems are constructed with a stainless steel pump and an aluminum motor body.
  4. Davey BIT Water Pump Systems have greater flow rates from 25 to 45 GPM.
  5. Davey BIT Water Pump Systems are very quiet compared to competitive pumps.
  6. Davey BIT Water Pump Systems have dry run protection.
  7. Davey BIT Water Pump Systems come with the Torrium 2 intelligent water pump controller.
  8. Davey BIT Water Pump Systems have a built in check valve.
  9. Davey BIT Water Pump Systems come with Toll Free: (800) 515 - 2021 Technical Support.
  10. Davey BIT Water Pump Systems have a manufacturer's 3 year limited warranty that starts on the day of installation.

Davey Water Products - Warranty and Certifications



Davey Water Pump Systems Installation Guide



  • Must install a foot valve when pumping from a well or cistern. ORDER SEPARATELY
  • Do not exceed a total system pressure of 120 PSI.
  • The total system pressure will be the incoming city pressure plus the maximum output pressure from the data above.
  • Use a pressure regulating valve in the suction and /or discharge lines as required.
Three Year Limited Manufacturer Warranty.