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Davey Water Pumps SuperCell P Series Water Pressure Tanks

The Davey Water Pumps SuperCell P Series Tanks are Robust Hydro-Pneumatic Water Pressure Tanks.

The Davey Water Pumps SuperCell Applications:

SuperCell P tanks can be used as:

  • Storage Units for water under pressure in households.
  • Farm or industrial water pressure systems.
  • Hydronic heating system expansion tanks.
  • Water hammer arrestor systems.
  • And mains water toilet flushing systems.

Features & Benefits:

  • Captive diaphragm held firmly in a central position restricts movement allowing use of a thicker reinforced diaphragm material than a bag or bladder tank for longer lifes.
  • Heavy duty butyl diaphragm meets all major worldwide requirements for potable water applications.
  • Safe non-toxic water storage.
  • Safe potable grade virgin polypropylene liner seals the water from the tank shell.
  • Deep drawn steel shell with appliance like 2 part polyurethane enamel finish and epoxy primer.
  • Specific wear areas reinforced for longer life.
  • Protected against rusting & the effects of UV light for long life.

Davey Water Pumps Supercell P Series Pressure Tanks Patented stainless steel water connection:

  • Long life even in less than perfect water conditions
  • Seals water and air chambers ensuring a complete leek free and maintenance free pressure vessel.

Every tank is individually tested:

  • Guaranteed reliable operation.

Compliance with the strict requirements of ISO 9001, NSF Standard 61, CE/PED, WRAS, ACS, Watermark and Gost quality standards:

  • Consistent product quality.
  • Assurance of acceptance by plumbing regulators.

Please refer to the Manuals & Diagrams for all features and full technical specifications.

Three Year Limited Manufacturer Warranty.