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Davey Water Pump System - DynaDrive DD90-11NPT with the DynaDrive User Friendly Controller

The New Davey DynaDrive DD90-11NPT variable speed intelligence provides constant water pressure at the touch of a button. The DynaDrive DD90-11NPT includes a new user-friendly controller, your water experience can now be customized to your preference at home.

The Davey DynaDrive controller allows you to set and forget your preferred water pressure settings. This means no reprogramming if the Davey DynaDrive DD90-11NPT loses power.

Simple Control. Perfect Pressure.

The Davey DynaDrive DD90-11NPT is a constant pressure water pump system with a variable speed drive that maintains water pressure at a fixed point regardless of an increase or decrease in water demand.  With the Davey DynaDrive DD90-11NPT water pump system you can keep your water pressure constant. As faucets or taps are turned off, the drive adjusts automatically, keeping the water pressure constant while saving energy.

The Davey DynaDrive DD90-11NPT features an integrated controller that is easy to set up and use. The DynaDrive DD90-11NPT allows you to set your desired water pressure while also being energy efficient.

The Davey DynaDrive DD90-11NPT has been certified and tested to comply with the requirements of the UL778 standard; UL61800-5-1; CSA-C22.2 No. 108-14; and National Electric Code, NFPA 70.

The Davey DynaDrive DD90-11NPT Features:

  •     Consistent pressure when another tap is turned on
  •     Easy to adjust control panel - set a customized water experience
  •     Set & Forget customize user preferred settings
  •     Max Flow Rate: 36 gpm
  •     Suitable for high water temperatures
  •     Safety alarm both audio and visual alarms if fault occurs
  •     Corrosion and wear-resistant
  •     Compact design
  •     Energy Efficient; Reduces operating costs
  •     240V/60Hz
  •     8.6 Running Amps
  •     Low noise output; Quiet Operation
  •     Industrial Quality
  •     Complete stainless casing
  •     Better sealing
  •     Longer service life
  •     Economical, Quiet, Easy to Install

The Davey DynaDrive DD90-11NPT Applications:

  •     Household
  •     Domestic and light industrial water supply
  •     Farming and Agricultural water systems
  •     Irrigation and Turf watering systems
  •     Automatic general water transfer
  •     Mains water pressure boosting

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Please refer to the Manuals & Diagrams for all features and full technical specifications.



Three Year Limited Manufacturer Warranty